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Profit milling introduced

A new technology, Profit Milling was introduced by us last week. 
The raw piece was milled to a depth of 36 mm. First, the corners were removed, and then it was finished. We milled the parts intended for the car industry without water-cooling, using air-cooling, half of the time necessary for a tipped mill. Our company intends to multiply the machining efficiency. The labour and basic material costs are constantly increasing, while the buyers always want to reduce the prices of the parts. We can progress only if we try to multiply the machining efficiency. This is promoted mostly by our colleagues with their innovative ideas, and also by our ESPRIT CAM system introduced in 2012. The new version lays an emphasis on an extremely efficient machining technology, which offers innovative and very cost-efficient tool paths and new machining strategies for higher efficiency.
The new functions are based on a higher cutting speed, longer tool life-time, and the machinability of more and more complex geometries.